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Mission and values

Edinburgh Law School is an international and in particular a European law school, rooted in the eclectic, open and inter-disciplinary intellectual traditions of Scots law.

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      Students in a lecture at Adam Lecture Theatre

      The Law School works with the University’s Access to the Professions in conjunction with Reach: Scotland programme. The programme works with students in 41 target schools across Edinburgh, the Lothians, Scottish Borders, and Forth Valley to increase access to high demand professional areas including law.



      Find out more about LEAPS

      The University Centre for Open Learning

      Find out more about the Centre for Open Learning programmes

      Law Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (LawPALS)

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      Find out more about the LawPALS programme

      There are many ways students, graduates, solicitors, legal firms and organisations that employ solicitors can support Edinburgh Law School in its outreach and widening participation work.

      As a student:

      • Volunteer to help run workshops for local state school pupils.
      • Speak at one of our career exploration events.

      As a graduate, trainee, solicitor, advocate, law firm etc:

      • Come and speak at one of our events for local state school pupils interested in studying law.
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      Edinburgh Law School is committed to equality and diversity, and to ensuring our school is welcoming and inclusive to all who choose to study, work or visit here.

      LGBTQ+ staff in Playfair Library

      Edinburgh Law School is proud to have staff, students and visitors from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we strive to ensure we meet the needs of our community.

      Age: Information and advice relating to age
      Disability: Student and staff policies relating to disability
      Gender reassignment: University-wide information, and external publications, relating to trans equality
      Marriage and Civil Partnership: Information relating to marriage and civil partnership
      Pregnancy and maternity (and paternity/family): Family leave policies
      Race: Information relating to race equality initiatives and events
      Religion and belief: Resources and networks
      Sex: University-wide initiatives
      Sexual Orientation: University Staff Pride Network and 502 Bad Gateway- bt365体育

      Athena SWAN

      Athena SWAN is the Equality Challenge Unit’s Gender Charter, which aims to recognise advancement of gender equality.

      Edinburgh Law School was awarded the Athena SWAN Bronze award in September 2017.

      The Equality and Diversity Committee meets regularly to ensure implementation of the actions set out in Edinburgh Law School's successful Athena SWAN submission.

      Equality and Diversity Members Committee is made up from all sections of the School; 12 females and 6 males; 3 Professional Services staff, 3 students, 11 academics and 2 researchers


      Equality and Diversity is a standing item on Edinburgh Law School’s Committee agenda.

      Visit the Athena SWAN website

      The Edinburgh Foundation for Women in Law

      Visit the Edinburgh Foundation for Women in Law

      In recognition of the importance the School places on Equality and Diversity, we have appointed three LGBTQ+ advocates (Professor Sharon Cowan, Dr Remus Valsan and Ms Tracy Noden).

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      Please feel free to contact us at


      The School has a work allocation model (WAM) that adheres to the guiding principles of the University Policy and is monitored and reviewed regularly by the School WAM Management Group.

      View the University guiding principles on Work Allocation Models

      The environment is an important issue to everyone at the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Law School strives to manage all workplace activities which impact our environment and its resources.

      Bike in Old College Quad

      Local energy actions

      The University of Edinburgh's stance towards sustainable energy embraces reductions in energy demand through energy efficiency. Improved building design, improved intuitive environmental controls, natural lighting and better waste management contribute to reducing energy demand.

      Find out more about how the University supports social responsibility and sustainability

      Waste and recycling

      We actively engage in ways to lessen unnecessary waste, which causes environmental damage and costs money. Recycling points are located and clearly identified throughout the Law School's premises in Old College. All staff are encouraged to use reuseable bottles and cups and the Law School cafe offers discounts on keepcups and bottles.

      The University has an Equipment Exchange programme where staff can buy or sell equipment within the University.

      Get involved with Equipment Exchange

      Travel choices

      A sustainable transport system is one that is affordable, operates efficiently, and offers a choice.

      The University encourages staff to cycle to work where possible and has set up a scheme to help those wishing to travel to work by bicycle.

      University Cycle to Work Scheme

      Fairtrade and responsible procurement

      We have developed a key strategy in Sustainable Procurement and are striving to use goods and services that benefit the University, society, economy and the environment. We buy fair trade and recycled goods and we reuse and recycle within the School and across campus.

      Health and Wellbeing

      Wellbeing groups across campus inspire people to take up sport and develop active, healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

      Other information

      The University's Social Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy 2010 - 2020 sets out the aspirations, direction and the first steps on the journey towards 2020.

      Read the University's Social Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy 2010 - 2020

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