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Criminal Law and Evidence

Criminal law and evidence research at Edinburgh Law School explores a range of criminal law and criminal justice areas.

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Members of the research area also supervise a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, and doctoral theses.

We welcome applications from prospective doctoral students wishing to study in these areas.


Karen Baston, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Andrew Cornford

Kelly Ann Couzens, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Sharon Cowan, Professor of Feminist and Queer Legal Studies

Eamon P. H. Keane, Early Career Fellow in Criminal Law and Evidence

Chloe Kennedy, Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law

Gerry Maher

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Journal articles

Sense and sensibilities : A feminist critique of legal interventions against sexual violence.
Cowan, Sharon.
In: Edinburgh Law Review, Vol. 23, No. 1, 01.01.2019, p. 22-51. View article

Book chapters

Devolving dictum? Legal tradition, national identity and feminist activism.
Cowan, Sharon; Kennedy, Chloe; Munro, Vanessa. Scottish Feminist Judgments: (Re)Creating Law from the Outside In. Hart Publishing, 2019. View chapter

Through the looking glass? Feminist praxis, artistic methods and Scottish feminist judging.
Cowan, Sharon; Kennedy, Chloe; Munro, Vanessa. Scottish Feminist Judgments: (Re)Creating Law from the Outside In. Hart Publishing, 2019. View chapter

Inchoate criminality.
Cornford, Andrew. The Palgrave Handbook of Applied Ethics and the Criminal Law. ed. / Larry Alexander; Kimberly Kessler Ferzan. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. View chapter

Terrorism offences.
Cornford, Andrew; Petzsche, Anneke. Core Issues in Criminal Law and Justice. ed. / Kai Ambos; RA Duff. Vol. 1 Cambridge University Press, 2019. View chapter


Scottish Feminist Judgments : (Re)Creating Law from the Outside In.
Cowan, Sharon (Editor); Kennedy, Chloe (Editor); Munro, Vanessa (Editor). Hart Publishing, 2019. View book

Scottish Feminist Judgments Project
The Scottish Feminist Judgments Project re-imagines the processes and outcomes of judging from feminist perspectives.

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Core Concepts in Criminal Law and Justice
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Centre for Legal History

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Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory
The Centre for Legal Theory combines an openness to diverse areas and styles of theoretical research with a deeply collegiate atmosphere.
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Empirical Legal Research Network
The Empirical Legal Research Network serves as a nexus for those interested in empirical research and the study of law in society.
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